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Combi-Boiler Services in Philadelphia

A Two-in-One Heating System for Your Home

A combi-boiler is a heating system that serves two functions. The first function is to provide your home with warm water, much like a water heater. The second function is to raise the temperature of your home, warming up your residence when it is cold outside. By using a single unit to accomplish two necessary functions, combi-boilers save you money on monthly energy bills. At Dean's Service, our team has been installing and servicing combi-boilers in Philadelphia for years. Allow our experienced and certified technicians to help you.

To learn more about combi-boilers, of for any other questions, please feel free to reach us at (267) 713-3363 or contact us online.

Giving Your Family an Endless Supply of Hot Water

Unlike traditional water heaters, combi-boilers are able to continuously supply your home with hot water since water is heated at the mains. Without the need for a storage tank, you won't have to wait until the tank is full to take a hot shower. Additionally, since water is heated only when needed, homeowners end up saving money on energy costs.

Some of the benefits of owning a combi-boiler include:

  • With its compact size, it's perfect for smaller homes
  • It helps prevent pipework from freezing
  • Unlike ductwork, no heat is lost in the piping system

Combi-Boiler Repair in Philadelphia

A broken combi-boiler can be a great inconvenience for you and your family. With a repair service from Dean's Service, you can feel confident that our team will get your unit back in working order. We provide repairs for the most common types of problems, such as low boiler pressure, water that is cycling between hot and cold, and an overheating boiler.

If you are in need of a combi-boiler service in Philadelphia, including new system installation, repair or replacement of your existing unit, or a routine tune-up, please contact our experienced team at (267) 713-3363.

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